The following courses are offered by The First Fly Aviation Academy for Pilot Training


The PPL training course is offered to the person who wants to become a Licensed Pilot in preparation for an advanced training program for business transportation or wants to experience the unlimited freedom and the romance of flying.

This course offers flight training right from abinitio level to Private Pilot’s License. The 3 to 4 months of course, gives you 40 hours of flying time.


This course offers 200 hours of flying training this 8-10 months course offers dual/ solo, general flying, circuit & landing sorties. Instruments and cross country flights, skill tests, route checks and night flying rating as per DGCA requirement.


The candidate must be 18 years old at the time of issue of his/her Commercial Pilot License with a minimum qualification of 10+2 (Physics and Math’s).

Career Opportunities

This particular Pilot Training course is a multiple choice for getting an opportunity under various designations in the industry.

A Commercial Pilot License holder can act as a Pilot in Command of any aircraft entered on his/her license. This license issued is valid internationally. He / She can be employed as pilot in Government and civil airlines or in private / corporate companies / flying clubs and has a wide variety of career opportunities.